Nouvelles Psychothérapies

“We meet again and again in a thousand disguises on the paths of life.” Carl Gustav Jung


We all have within us the ability to heal but our resources can be deeply drained by the wounds caused by obstacles and painful events in life.

Driven by a constant curiosity for innovative approaches, both psychological and spiritual, I offer you an integrative approach on the different cognitive, emotional and somatic levels to support you in reconnecting to your resources and in connecting to your interiority.

Through direct and phenomenological experience, psychotherapy can be seen as the ability to listen ever more closely to one's feelings and sensations (interoception) to promote a state of awareness and presence to oneself and at the moment. This anchor in our body allows a deeper feeling of internal security, bringing the courage to face, gradually and gently, our shadows: traumas, defenses, blockages, identifications, fears, shame etc.

The development of confidence and compassion for oneself will allow an exploration of the repressed, unloved, rejected parts of oneself... In order to bring kindness, fluidity and light there. To reconnect with oneself is to find a coherence in oneself, with the recognition, acceptance and integration of all its exiled sub-parts.

Inner exploration also engenders personal responsibility: the suffering relational dynamics can be considered as the reflection of resonances, the Other being seen as a mirror of unwelcome parts in oneself.

And finally, from a non-dual perspective, the path can be seen as a “self-stripping”: daring to remove the layers of conditioning, beliefs and various identifications always leading to more humility and awareness that we are all linked and that Love seems to be the very essence of life...

The tools I use are:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapywhich is only a continuation of knowledge known for millennia: it is our way of interpreting an event that makes us suffer and not the event itself. And more radically, it is our way of perceiving reality that constructs this reality.
  • Mindfulness: if no therapeutic approach is miraculous, the practice of mindfulness is the only approach that I consider to be the panacea! I am firmly convinced that learning to live one's daily life in awareness and presence gives much more meaning to one's life.
  • EMDR allows to see one's traumas and wounds in order to be able to raise awareness and transmute one's shadows. It is for me one of the most effective approaches because it takes into account the direct experience of a transformation of traumatic memories in the body.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): a very interesting approach because it is easy to apply alone, which combines work on the body and the mind via tapping on acupuncture points.
  • Hypnotherapy allows to explore the potential of imagination, creativity and intuition in a co-creation during the session. This approach is often linked to work on the different parts of oneself, called “ego states”, “sub-parts” or “parts” according to the different theoretical models.
  • Spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology, and Expanded States of Consciousness: Direct experiences of other dimensions through lucid dreaming, drumming or medicine trips, mediumship or holotropic breathwork, or with PAP (psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy). These experiences can be so intense that they can sometimes be traumatic. They can be discussed in complete safety and confidence to better understand and integrate them.

"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are." Emmanuel Kant