Mindefullness Workshop

Objective of the workshop of Mindfulness for children

Help the child focus, better manage his (her) feelings, calm down, face the numerous stimulations of the current life (screens, school requirements etc.), develop his (her) concentration, recognize its needs and develop the benevolence to himself (herself) and others.

In a more general way, cultivate his (her) presence to the world in a spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness and develop the ACCEPTANCE.

Mindfulness is a practice, a state to be to cultivate day after day. The opportunities are not lacking: from the awakening in the morning until bedtime, there is a great deal of possibilities to practise this state.

It is practised in a formal way: by choosing to do a sitting meditation in a quiet place during a specific time. Or in a informal way, by trying to cultivate this state every moment of the day.

The learning of the Mindfulness is not generally something which is taught during childhood. Yet, it is a way of being to the world which brings more serenity and peace throughout the events of everyday life!


Next group given with Alexandra Lebrun, psychotherapist FSP : date to be confirmed

Information: 6 consecutive weeks on Thursdays at 5 pm with one booster session after one month.

Public: Children from 11 to 13

Number: maximum 6 participants

Place: Cabinet de psychothérapie, Grand Rue 34, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz


registration: by phone or email